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Material Guide

We have 3 main material for our bedding sets which you could choose the most suitable one.

1- Satin: is like all the usual bed covers in the market. They are flat, not soft and thin. Print result on this material is good, but it is not suitable for cold weather and is not soft when touching your skin. It does not stretch.

2- Milk Silk: is softer than Satin, can stretch a little bit and print quality is amazing and detailed on this material. It is a little bit heavier than Satin material.

3- Velvet: is very soft and plushy. Feels very good when touching the skin and is warmer than Milk Silk and Satin, so it is suitable for colder weather. Also, Velvet is heavier than Satin and Milk Silk. Print result is not very detailed like the other materials.

Custom bedding set materials