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Italian Flag Bedding Set, Bed Sheets & Covers

Italian Flag Bedding Set, Bed Sheets & Covers

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Italian flag bedding set, bed sheets & covers.

Give your bedroom an amazing look with our high tech printed bed linens.

Please read all the detailed measurements in centimeter/inch and product info below before placing your order. We can do custom sizing if your suitable size is not mentioned below.

Bedding Maximum Material Cut

Pillow Cases are double side printed.

Duvet Case, Bed Sheets, Blankets are one side printed.

There is no filling for the duvet case, there are no comforters, only the covering case.

Set of 3: Includes 2 Pillow Cases and One Duvet Case Only.

Set of 4: Includes 2 Pillow Cases, One Duvet Case and one Flat Bed Sheet.

Size are in measurements mentioned below. Please note your bed size may be different even if same  country. Please email us for custom sizing if needed.

US Sizes:

  • US TWIN: Pillow Case: 50x75CM (19X29 Inch), Bed Sheet: 180x260CM (72x102 Inch), Duvet Case: 150x210CM(59x83 Inch)
  • US TWIN XL: Pillow Case: 50x75CM (19X29 Inch), Bed Sheet: 180x290CM (72x114 Inch), Duvet Case: 150x260CM (59x102 Inch)
  • US DOUBLE: Pillow Case: 50x75CM (19X29 Inch), Bed Sheet: 220x260CM (87x102 Inch), Duvet Case: 200x200CM (80x80 Inch)
  • US QUEEN: Pillow Case: 50x75CM (19X29 Inch), Bed Sheet: 230x270CM (90x108 Inch), Duvet Case: 230x220 (90x88 Inch)
  • US KING: Pillow Case: 50x75CM (19X29 Inch), Bed Sheet: 280x290CM (110x114 Inch), Duvet Case: 245x210CM (90x102 Inch)

EU Size:

  • EU SINGLE: Pillow Case: 50x75CM , Bed Sheet: 180x260CM, Duvet Case: 150x200CM
  • EU DOUBLE: Pillow Case: 50x75CM , Bed Sheet: 220x260CM, Duvet Case: 200x200CM
  • EU QUEEN: Pillow Case: 50x75CM , Bed Sheet: 265x275CM, Duvet Case: 240x220CM
  • EU KING: Pillow Case: 50x75CM , Bed Sheet: 280x290CM, Duvet Case: 260x220CM

Australian Size:

  • AU SINGLE: Pillow Case: 50x75CM , Bed Sheet: 150x210CM, Duvet Case: 150x210CM
  • AU DOUBLE: Pillow Case: 50x75CM , Bed Sheet: 180x210CM, Duvet Case: 180x220CM
  • AU QUEEN: Pillow Case: 50x75CM , Bed Sheet: 210x210CM, Duvet Case: 200x230CM
  • AU KING: Pillow Case: 50x75CM , Bed Sheet: 289x279CM, Duvet Case: 245x210CM

High quality, extremely durable digital print.

Machine & Hand Wash.

Use Low Temp When Washing.

We can do custom sizing and we can print custom images. Please email us for inquiries.

Custom Bedding Set Samples Custom Bedding Set Samples


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